A message from Madhu Vottery - author, conservation architect, ICOMOS cultural tourism coordinator

All the natural resources, of the city and the state of Telangana we enjoy today actually belong to future generations. We are mere custodians. Hence, we have the responsibility of conserving and handing them over to future generations. We do not own  this invaluable resource, hence can not destroy it too.
Many of these trees that are under discussion must have been planted in the period of Last Nizam. Most of the conservation of natural resources and nature has been possible due to religious, spiritual and cultural traditions followed by human beings over generations. Where law failed in the process of conservation, our Indian traditions have succeeded. We need our Marri Chattu, very much part of our traditions and celebrations.
Also, we must now forget the impact on the environment, loss of habitat for the bees, butterflies, moths, birds, simians and many other creatures, which are solely dependent on one of the densest trees cluster of the state. The roots of these trees also hold water.
We must also remember that the important initiative of our State Government, Telangana Ku Harita Haram (TKHH) is not only about new plantations, it is also about saving our old green cover, thereby saving our Oxygen Bank of Banyans of Chevella.

Let us find out green alternatives, without removing a single tree from here.