Who is Burning Chevella’s Banyans?

The Chevella Banyans are burning! Please help us save them.

Nearly 35,000 people have signed a petition launched by the Nature Lovers of Hyderabad urging the Telangana government to save more than 1000 Banyans and other trees along the Hyderabad-Chevella-Bijapur highway/NH 163. The petition advocates saving the trees in their entirety as mature ecosystems and Telangana’s natural heritage, and rejects translocation as an alternative.

We were taken aback to see a few burnt banyan stumps when our team first went to Chevella on 5 May 2019. But on a more recent photo shoot on 18 May, we were shocked to find more trees that had been burnt. A few were smoldering from recent fires, others had been more severely damaged from fires that may have raged for days. Someone is slowly burning the banyans down!

What can you do?
The burning banyans need your urgent help. They need look-outs, volunteers, protectors. If you can, please go to Chevella to document what you see. Spend time on the highway with your friends and family. Plan a picnic under their shade. Go see the hornbills, rufous treepies, ashy prinias and many more that live in their canopies. Take pictures and send them to us on Facebook, Twitter or post a comment below this post.

If you spot a fire - alert the authorities. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts.  Please DON’T be a hero. Fires can be dangerous. You can reach out to the nearest police station and District Forest Office.


Police station: Sub-Inspector Renuka, 
Chevella Police station
○ Mobile: 9440627359
○ Landline: 08417-243233

Forest Office: DFO Ranga Reddy district
○ Mobile: 9440810143
○ Landline: 040 23232774

Dos and Don’ts

Volunteers! Thanks for making plans to help protect and save the Chevella banyans from fire. Here’s a list of things you can do:

1. Plan a picnic (but don’t litter)
2. Take selfies and photos under the canopy
3. Keep an eye out for fires or miscreants
4. If you notice anything, call for help

1. DON’T be a hero! Get in touch with the police and forest departments
2. Be aware of things that could start a fire - cigarette-ends, match sticks. Dispose
them carefully
3. Do not litter. Dry paper and empty covers can aid fires.

Share the petition

The “Save the Banyans of Chevella” petition has been signed by 35,000+ people!
Please help us reach even more.

Please spread the word. This is one of the last stretches of road with so many banyans
and interlocking canopies. There will be nothing to save if these trees are burnt as you
read this.
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Please do your bit! Be a tree protector! Save the banyans of Chevella!