Mail from a scientist

This is a mail we received from a scientist who is passionate about nature. 

Times Of India -
Translocation is NEVER, repeat NEVER appropriate. It is a desperate resort.
In India, these days translocation has turned into a very profitable business. It helps the various ministries to feel good that they are still caring for the trees, and it is something the Highway ministry thinks is easy to do to appease the community and nature lovers.
Complete translocation involves huge costs up to half a lakh rupees per tree and requires follow up care for five years at least. Will the translocation enthusiasts tell you that number? NO- because they are only interested in conducting their business not in truly saving the translocated tree. The process of translocation completely denudes the tree. It kills the birds and creatures using these trees. Digging out the tree with its roots intact is an extremely complicated procedure.
In addition to destroying the tree, the process of denuding and moving these trees is causing immense ecological destruction. The percentage of translocated trees that survive is a mere 30%. This destruction of trees contributes to the rising, unbearable, hot temperatures in cities. It is an extremely short sighted and commercial approach to road widening.
Mark my words - any NGO involved in translocation is using it as a guise to conduct lucrative business.
We have destroyed mother earth enough - stop this nonsense of translocation of trees. Just stop destroying beautiful canopies and fully grown mature trees that support a complete eco system and will be our only saviors in averting extreme drought and heat conditions. Even our religion asks us to revere mother nature. Where is the wisdom?
Arundhati Jayarao, PhD