Brainstorming event at Lamakaan

A BIG thank you from everyone at the Save Banyans of Chevella team to all those who attended our workshop to brainstorm new strategies at Lamakaan yesterday - your time and ideas are highly appreciated! Yes, it was a good event yesterday, with a presentation on what we have done so far, and a demo on why translocation doesnt work for old and large trees, followed by thought-provoking discussions about the way forward. Our Banyans are a crucial link to our past and our current ecology - and probably priceless in biodiversity, heritage and natural wealth terms...after all there are 914 of them, several of them, more than 100 years old. We have been fighting for them for almost 4 years now...we hope to succeed, and this can help bring about a sea-change nationally, as NHAI is a national body. In the coming weeks and months, as always, we will be reaching out to state and national authorities, organising events, and running social campaigns to keep this flame burning. We would be counting on your support, goodwill and participation, always! Please do join us in every means possible. Thank you again! #kcr #ktrtrs #NitinGadkari