Event: Nature crafts under the banyan


Nature Lovers of Hyderabad organized a nature crafts workshop under the banyan tree at Vidyaranya High School - an event to bring awareness about the campaign to save the banyans of Chevella. We had it in the school since it is not practical to take young kids for an art workshop under our Chevella banyans.
The children were as enthusiastic to learn as were their parents. Ira Vangipurapu and Kobita Dass Kolli taught them how to use leaves, twigs and seed pods to create works of art. Twigs were turned into snakes and alligators, depending on the child's imagination. Leaf prints on paper became book marks and wrapping paper.
Gauri Nori taught participants macrame, and ropes and coconut shells became beautiful pot holders. She also made ear rings with seed pods.
The evening ended on a very satisfying note, with tea, biscuits and samosas being passed around and enjoyed by the participants.