How the Hyderabad-Manneguda road can be an ecotourism destination

Recently, two French tourists went to see the massive banyans on the Hyderabad-Manneguda road, and loved them, but were horrified to know they are endangered. Several other people have also been going to see the trees.

The photos in this post indicate just some instances of how people have been engaging with the banyans. A group of seniors pose with one of the banyans; a film crew shoots in the picturesque landscape surrounded by the banyans; a child climbs a tree, another looks closely at the texture of the bark; a poet reads out a shayari; a group of children go on an educational field trip; another group draw under a banyan; some others play in the meadow near Kanakamamidi; Hyderabad's artists and photographers make artworks of the majestic banyans; cyclists regularly engage with them; a tree lover posts a hug-the-banyan photo on Instagram...a large group goes to see palash trees in bloom on that road...the list goes on. When we ask for this road to be made an ecotourism destination, this is just what we mean.
KCR Sir and KTR Sir - let us think out of the box and do something different and set an example to other States. We only stand to gain in a very big way - by preserving old and mature trees, we would be putting a giant step forward in mitigating climate change.

Seniors after a picnic at the banyans

Film crew shooting in picturesque surroundings

Poetry reading

A child enjoys climbing a massive banyan

Another child feels the texture of the tree

A group of school children on a field visit

Children running around a meadow 

An artist begins to draw

The artists' visit results in an art exhibition

Cyclists regularly ride past and engage with the banyans.
Here they are seen supporting the Save the Banyans campaign

A tree lover's Instagram post

Apart from all this, there are the tranquil Mudimiyal and Kandlapalli forests. A lot can be done on this road, which is now the only exit from Hyderabad, still lined by trees, especially the magnificent old banyans.